Saturday, April 26, 2014

Making The Most of Spring: Our Bucket List of Activities

Spring is definitely the time for venturing outside and seeing new growth!

Now that the sun's been out for a while, I wanted to share a spring bucket list of activities we're doing this year (and some I'd like for us to do for the future).

For me, the spring season means it's time to bust out the colors, wear lighter jackets, and see all of life regrow and regenerate. 

Perhaps it's a time for reconnecting with others, for enjoying the greenery, and for getting back to our workout routine. 

Or maybe it's time to "start all over" (yes, that's allowed). 

Indeed, spring is a season of some "firsts" to enjoy in the year--such as seeing the first flowers bloom in your neighborhood. Also, It's the hubby's favorite season---and that also gets me to appreciate the season through his eyes.

Is spring just a season to prepare for summer? I feel it's more than that! Spring reminds us that there is a season for everything. That eventually, if we invest in ourselves and in others, with time and patience, we will bear fruit and see the "fruits of our labor". That's why we can use this time to be present and available---to find ways of feeling alive and grateful.

Anyhow, I made this bucket list for our family--maybe we'll do some this week, maybe we'll wait until later, or maybe it'll end up as an activity for next year. That's the beauty of bucket lists: it gives us something to look forward to for every season. Lists give us a way to plan as a family and to unite us around our values and goals.  To see what other activities we usually have planned for each season, check out our summer bucket list for families with toddlers, our autumn bucket list, and our winter bucket list

Enjoy our ideas below:

Indoor Spring-themed Activities
  • Set some new flowers out on the table (and learn how to arrange flowers this year)
  • Bake a new recipe and add it to the family cookbook.
  • Read a book to my son about seasons. Springtime is a perfect opportunity to teach about growth, patience, and renewal, etc.
  • Read a new book on parenting or self-improvement.
  • Create a spring cleaning song list to motivate the family to clean.
  • Speaking of cleaning--participate in a spring cleaning challenge. Here's a good one: 40 bags in 40 days -- the basics.
  • Do an at-home lesson on Earth Day and have the family participate.
  • Do a springtime craft (make a pinwheel and test it outside, make some unique Easter eggs using onion skins, paint a cherry blossom tree using a straw, make some finger puppets, etc.)
  • Watch an Easter-themed movie.
  • Put together a hummingbird feeder  
  • Create a gratitude journal. (DONE!)
  • Print out some spring-themed coloring pages for my son.
  • Hang a quote on the wall in a fun frame.

Outdoor Spring Activities
  • Have a spring picnic!
  • Go on a nature hike.
  • Walk around the neighborhood and spot all the flowers. Pick find some of the freshly fallen flowers or petals, press them, and in a week or two, make bookmarks out of them or frame them.
  • Fly a kite.
  • Feed the ducks.
  • Attend a yard sale.
  • Go to a museum.
  • Participate in springtime holidays  
  • Plant an outdoor garden (or update and clean up your current one!) 
  • Watch the rain and jump in the puddles!
  • Go to an arboretum. 
  • Attend a local fair or carnival (pick up a local city guide and see what's around).
  • Take a class (online or other). It's time to venture out and grow! Learn a new skill (sewing, cooking, writing, etc).
  • Look out for butterflies and humming bees--maybe do a scavenger hunt at the park or just outside our home?
  • Buy a set of fun spring clothes (mostly for mommy: a new spring dress)
  • (In the future) go fishing with the family or attend a fishing workshop. 
  • Listen to outdoor music.
  • Read outside or under a tree in a park--maybe make a play date out of it!
  • Try a new family friendly restaurant (or two). Make a list of the best ones.
  • Get some new running shoes and go for a run.
Chasing spring

It's Your Turn:

  • What fun activities have you done for spring?
  • Do something different this spring and create a bucket list. 
  • Got more ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments or let me know!

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