Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Sewing Kit (Using a Mason Jar and a Baby Sock)

Got some old baby socks lying around?  

Upcycle them by making a DIY mason jar pin cushion and sewing kit! 

The kit makes a cute gift too.
DIY Pin Cushion Sewing Kit Do It Yourself Baby Socks Cheap
Store your sewing materials in a DIY mason jar sewing kit with a pin cushion made from a baby sock.

This tutorial will help you make this all-in-one pin cushion and thread storage container.  I will be showing you how to use the mason jar lid and baby sock to form the pin cushion.

When you're finished (and you will be in a matter of minutes), keep the kit near your sewing station and never worry about misplacing those pin cushions (or needles). Plus, it's a cute and useful item to have around when you need to sew something in a pinch!

Additionally, you can make these DIY sewing kits for your loved ones:
  • As baby shower favors
  • For someone who just started sewing
  • For a grandmother who needs more storage for threads and needles
Monkey Pin Cushion Infant Sock
Silly monkey pin cushion

Time Commitment:  This project is a quick and easy one.  You can make it in less than 10 minutes.  I made mine in less time (since I didn't have to sew).

What You Will Need:
  • Mason jar 
  • Baby socks
  • Cushion "stuffing": cloth scraps, another baby sock, unused makeup wedges, etc.
  • Optional: scissors and needle and thread (if you want to sew the sock--see options for securing the pin cushion in Step 2)

Step 1:  Unscrew the lid and separate (or pop out) the mouth lid from the band.
Unscrew the lid and gently give the center of the lid a nudge.  The round mouth lid should pop out. For this project I used a pint sized jar because that's what I found at my local 99 Cent Only Store (you never know what you may find in your discount dollar stores). Mason jars can come in various sizes, such as the quart, pint, half pint and 42 oz. 

Mason Jars Come In Different Sizes This is a Pint Size

Step 2:  Make the pin cushion by stuffing and wrapping the sock around the lid.
The cushion mound can be made from any part of the sock. For my project, I used the sole of the sock because it had a cute image on it. 

Infant Sock Upcycle

Now for the stuffing. You can do this one of two ways. You can stuff the sock first and then wrap it around the mouth lid, pushing the lid far into the sock as much as you can. Or you can position the cloth or makeup sponges on the lid and while holding it down with one finger, you wrap the sock around the lid (a little more tricky but it may create a more even and round appearance). Again, make sure the lid is pushed as far into the sock as possible.

Once you've stuffed your sock and wrapped it around the lid, use your fingers to shape the pin cushion by pressing into it, thereby eliminating bumps and creating an even mound. 
Infant sock upcycled
Wrap the baby sock around the lid. 
After you've molded the pin cushion into your desired shape, you can cut the excess sock material off and sew it shut. Or, if you're like me, you'll just find ways around sewing (an ironic move for a sewing kit project). To accomplish this, before you make the pin cushion, just fold the sock's "leg" into the foot/sole. And then stuff and then wrap it around the lid. See what works for you. Just make sure that it doesn't get too thick around the lid or it might not snap back into the band. 

Step 3: Snap the lid back into the band.

Upcycle baby socks and make a DIY sewing kit with a jar
Use the DIY Sewing Kit and Pin Cushion to store your most used threads, beads, sewing scissors and needles.
Once you've snapped the lid into the band, viola! You're done. 

Go ahead and fill your jar. Screw the top back onto the jar and stick any homeless push pins or needles into their new abode!

Do you need a solution to those pairless baby socks that you can't bear to throw away?

Do you want a cute container for your sewing materials?

Do you need a unique DIY gift for that seamstress in your life?

Or do you need another frugal craft project to try?

Try making the mason jar sewing kit today!

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