Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quick and Easy Creamy Pesto Pasta

I love pesto.  And I love cheese.  

And when a dish takes less than 15 minutes to make from stove top to table top, I love that too.

Introducing an easy pasta dish you can make any day of the week, and especially on the nights you don't have time to make dinner.

summertime meals quick and easy pasta pesto cream
Creamy Pesto Pasta: you can go light or heavy on the sauce.  Your choice!

It all started when I was at the 99 Cent Only Store last week.  I saw a 12 oz. package of colorful Fusilli (corkscrew) pasta which was actually $0.80 at the register.  I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. Yes, I love me some Creamy Pesto Pasta!

Adapted from a Kraft recipe I once had, this creamy pesto pasta is quick and easy. The best part was that I already had the other ingredients at home.  In fact, Pesto is a staple ingredient at my house.  If you aren't allergic to pine nuts, it's a great staple ingredient to have because you can put it in pasta dishes, meat  and fish dishes, and in sandwiches (as a spread).  

One day I will start learning to make Pasta Alfredo, which is a pasta dish traditionally tossed with cheese and butter.  But until that day comes, this recipe beats buying Alfredo sauce from a jar.  In the meantime, my toddler and husband don't mind; they scarf this up!

Quick and Easy Creamy Pesto Pasta

Signature Ingredient(s)
16 oz. Fusilli pasta (corkscrew) or any pasta you have on hand

Other ingredients:

2 TBSP Basil Pesto Spread 

1/2 cup cream cheese (use low fat to cut calories)

1 cup milk (eyeball this: use more or less depending on how thick or thin you want the sauce to be).

Pepper for taste

Optional ingredients of your choice  (parmesan cheese, spinach, cooked chicken etc.)


Boil the pasta according to the package's directions (typically anywhere from 9-12 minutes). Drain.

To make the sauce, heat the cream cheese in a sauce pan and slowly add in the milk. Stir until melted and dissolved.  Add the pesto and stir.   Add in any optional ingredients to the sauce and heat thoroughly.

Coat sauce over pasta (lightly toss for the summertime!).  Add a dash of pepper for taste.   


Creamy Pesto Pasta...the perfect go-to dish during a busy night.  Toddlers love picking up and eating this stuff! Why not try it tonight?

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