Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Family Rules {Printable}

Today's printable is a list of family rules.  

Do you and your husband come from two different worlds in the way you were raised? Creating family rules may help.  There are at benefits to displaying your family rules. 

Family Rules
Now you can remind everyone of your family values.  Family rules can be posted in a frame or on the fridge. 

First, it's an easy, simple, and a creative way to reveal what we value as a family.  Think of it as a "family shield" which encompasses what your family is all about.  You can type it up, print it out and stick it on the fridge (like we did) or frame it in any room.  

Second, the more you see your family rules, the more it will sink in.  Help your family create proper boundaries and a sense of unity as you tackle the daily issues of living together under one roof.  The desired results: Harmony, peace, proper conflict resolution, appropriate emotional expression, and identity formation. 

How did I come up with this list? I gathered these from values my husband and I espouse, faith statements from the Bible, and certain virtues (for instance gratitude--a virtue upon which other virtues are derived).   Believe in or not, I used Power Point to do this and I converted it into a pdf.  

This will probably evolve as my son gets older and/or we decide to expand our family.  Each season of life seems to bring its own set of rules--whether we realize it or not.

Here's the list:

Do your part & do your best.
Keep your promises.
Eat together. Ask to be excused.
Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.
Say please and thank you.
Tell the truth.
Use kind words and a pleasant tone.
Be creative and contribute ideas. 
Try new things.
Finish what you start.
Listen to each other.
Help each other.
Pray and give thanks.
Apologize and forgive.
Do the right thing.
Think before you act. Use manners.
Offer to help.
Encourage each other.
Say I love you!

Download the family values pdf here.


  1. Hi Liz! Visiting for the first time. Great idea of coming up with your own Family Rules
    vs Printing one off the 'net. It's a good way of enforcing values that are important
    to your family.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mama Mia! Yes, we printed this and put it up on our fridge. I'm off to framing it and putting it up on the house somewhere. Like you said, it helps to reinforce and remind ourselves of what's important---and to rally around them when times get tough.